Thursday, 9 December 2010

Premiere Pro playback problem - solved!

If any of you have had problems playing back video in Premiere Pro on OSX then you're likely to have fallen foul to the same issue as we had. Playback either stutters badly or stops after a second or two of playback. This can occur when you run incremental updates or big updates (from CS4 to CS5 for instance) but is easily fixed.
Here is a link to the Adobe support site but I'd add a little extra if I may - make sure you login as a root user before deleting the required preference.

Also I suggest that you open Premiere while still logged in as root to make sure a nice fresh preference takes its place. Close Premiere then and go back to your normal user login account and all should be fine!

I did notice that on a fresh install we didn't actually have the troublesome preference ( until we open Premiere while logged in as root so thats something to be aware of too.

RESULT - not only do we have the best trainers but also the best support!

First of many - Premier Pro course

Today is the first day of our first Adobe Premiere Pro course and all is good. We're looking to develop our Digital Video courses over the next few months and Premiere is our first step to be followed by Avid in the new year.

For all you editors out there, we have a stable full of the best, most experienced trainers who use the software they deliver training for on a daily basis so they're full of real world tips and tricks to keep you on track so if you want the best training around then come to Digital Media Training!