Saturday, 23 June 2012

Final cut pro X - a year old and where are we?

Well we've been playing and training on FCPX for a year now and I have to admit, it's getting better and better! Apart from all the original issues of it being completely different to FCP7 and features missing, I was still very hopeful for the development as you could see some massive leaps in technology and vision for the editing process.
Then after a few months we saw an update or two that started to add the functionality that made life easier but even after a year it's still not perfect - but then what app is?
I really like the multicam feature and the ability to monitor on an external video screen (although that can be a bit hit and miss sometimes) but I can't help feeling that the tool isn't quite hitting the mark from a broadcast perspective, yet.

I produce a lot of corporate videos with my colleagues at and we have started to use, and enjoy using, FCPX for most of our production work. The reason for that is simple - we shoot in dslr, ingest and edit is quick and we can upload to out Vimeo account for client preview all within one app. It has taken away some of the legwork in our workflow and we save time for it - it has become financially beneficial for us and so a no brainer.
And that's where the training comes in - the guys on our team spent a few months just playing and found a route around the software but with the apple accredited training we had the information to build a proper, well thought out workflow based on knowledge of the softwares capabilities. It has everything we need and we just needed to be nudged in the right direction!

I guess the big question is - is FCPX ready for broadcast? Technically it is with its hd and 4k editing capabilities, but the major stumbling block at the moment is the output to tape. Most stations need their footage delivered on tape and FCPX doesn't give you that straight off the timeline so there's an additional process to deal with at the moment. Hopefully third party software should fill in the gap fairly soon but until then I think that's it's major flaw - everything else is on track as far as I'm concerned!

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