Thursday, 17 February 2011


DollyDrive: "More than just Time Machine. A COMPLETE back-up solution"

Launched at the Macexpo in the US, this is an amazing idea. You've all heard of online cloud based storage like Dropbox and others but this integrates with Time machine on your Mac so could nicely fit into your own home set-up.

It costs upwards of $5 a month depending on the size of drive you need and also is going to take longer to upload the bigger your files but its a nice, safe cloud where everything sits and if your machine gave up and took the whole house with them then you'll still be able to get it all back!

The data is encrypted on upload according to the web site so nobody should be able to steal your secrets!

I haven't tried it yet but I will be thinking seriously about adding this to my monthly outgoings.